Covert Robin Received!

Set of 4 coasters with matching bag

I am still waiting to hear from my gift recipient for the Covert Robin swap to make sure she received and liked the goodies I sent her, but here are pictures of what I sent (set of 4 quilted coasters with matching bag and a quilted & embroidered envelope pouch of my own design):

Quilted and hand embroidered envelope pouch

I’ll post again when I hear from her. **Update: I received a note from McKinzie of “Pastries, MKTs, and Kitty Cats! Oh my!” and she said she liked the handmade gifts I sent her.  I picked the envelope style bag because she is in the military and I had a friend in the army who said letters just made the service people’s day. So I thought she could keep special letters or whatever goodies she wanted in it. The coasters were because, well, who can’t use more coasters?  I am glad to hear she liked them!

And now, here’s the simply gorgeous handmade goodies I received!! The quilting on the cushion cover is so beautiful, and Tabatha at Bending Pins obviously knew I love birds. I love the colors, the fabrics, the flower shapes, and the bird– in short, everything about this. I am in awe of her craftsmanship. As if the cushion cover wasn’t enough, she also included this super sweet little zippered bag and a piece of Japanese fabric, which now I have to think of a project worthy of its cuteness.

Gorgeous Cushion Cover

Back fabric detail


Beautiful Mitered Corners

Super Sweet Little Zippered Pouch

Japanese fabric

I am really looking forward to looking around Tabatha’s blog more. I already discovered this post she just did about patchwork skirts, which I am smitten with.  Go check out Tabatha’s blog yourself and be smitten, too!

9 thoughts on “Covert Robin Received!

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  2. Okay, I swear I am not a jerk! I am so sorry I did get back to you sooner. I loved, I mean LOVED your gift! Thank you so much. I finally bought glasses suitable to sit upon your coasters. And don’t worry, I use the letters bag every holiday to deliver cards to loved ones. Thanks again, you totally rock my socks!

    • Oh my gosh, I totally do not think you are a jerk! I am so glad you loved the gifts! When I didn’t hear from you I worried you hated them and just didn’t want to say, but the rational part of me knew it was highly likely you were just away. I think that is funny you bought glasses to suit the coasters… although I can totally relate since we have so many mismatched ones! 🙂 I’m delighted the envelope bag will play a role in your holidays, too! best, Jennet

  3. Phew! I am so happy and relieve that you like your gifts!!

    And I love your coasters, draw string bag and envelope, I love grey and yellow too. 😀 I know your parter will be thrilled!



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