Planes, Glitter, and More

Painting and glitteringI hope you had a good weekend! We got some things done around the house, plus some quality time with my niece and nephew (and my brother and his wife), art time with the Tot, and I finished a couple projects. Let’s hear it for finishing what I start (feel free to clap)! The Tot project was fun and involved both paint and glitter. As far as G is concerned, this is the art equivalent of a sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

dryingA while ago we made some salt dough cut-outs that we were going to turn into magnets. Yesterday we (finally) painted them green and blue (G’s two favorite colors). Then a generous dose of glitter was applied. Have you used the glitter Martha Stewart makes? It is super sparkly and the color is really lush. That is the green and red/pink we used. I would definitely recommend it. (And no, I am way too small fry to be paid by Martha Stewart to push her products.)

Here is the airplane G made, painted, and glittered up. I really love it. I was hoping to put a magnet on the back of it so it can decorate our fridge, however, he is resistant to this idea and just wants to make the plane fly through the house. Oh well. (This is what also happens with “Sticker Art.” Stickers are not meant to merely be left on a sheet of paper and create some sort of pretty scene. Nope, stickers are playthings I must cut out after he sticks them to paper. Then he carries them around and plays with them like they were toys. I certainly enjoy his imagination and ability to be satisfied with small things!)

Airplane salt dough

I also have to share a funny toddler story. We were walking through the mall the other day (not to shop– G loves to play at the train and lego tables Barnes & Noble has in the kids’ area and then we treat ourselves to totally bad for you french fries) and there were some life sized posters of women in skimpy bikinis in one of the store windows. G stops, stares, and then at the top of his toddler lungs yells, “MOMMY!! She’s not wearing a shirt! She’s not wearing any pants! MOMMY, She’s not WEARING ANY CLOTHES!” Yup. Even three year olds see something wrong here. (I do need to add that later on that day on our walk, he was very indignant the house wasn’t wearing any shoes. He is three, after all.)

As for the projects I finished up, here are two of the new fabric envelope pouches I made. Once I iron them again they will be posted in my shop. I love that they combine hand embroidery and quilting.

Letters bag Back of bag Envelope Bag Back of bag Bag open

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