Tuesday Love!

So I decided Tuesdays are a good day to start a regular blog post series. Every Tuesday, I am going to do a round-up of things I love. It might be recipes, craft ideas, favorite fabrics, places I would love to travel to… who knows! Today I am going to focus on a popular thing in the sewing world right now: embroidered quotes or words. As you know, I adore all things embroidery. I also have an undergrad degree in English and have kept no less than 4 quote journals in my life. I collect quotes or poems that speak to me and fill the pages of blank books with them. Lately I have been emailing myself quotes I like because I never seem to have one of the 11 blank books I own at hand. Funny how that works.

Anyway, the first “Tuesday Love!” series is devoted to embroidered quotes, like this beautiful one by Cornflower Blue Studio (above) or this one by idlehandsdc. (Click pictures to link to their sites.)














I am drawn to ones that have beautiful stitching combined with messages that resonate, like this one by Corinne Loperfido:

















The Duo Maricor/Maricar create these totally original, totally gorgeous embroideries of almost correct song lyrics.


I am going to end with this one by xperimentl. She has beautiful embroidery, in addition to other sewn creations.

















Now I am ready to dig out some of my quote books and get embroidering! Do you have a favorite quote you would love to see embroidered and hung on your wall? I love so many quotes and poems, I am not sure how to pick! I am particularly partial to Robert Frost (thanks to my dad), so I might pick a line or two from one of his poems. Ooh, that would make a great Father’s Day gift, too!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Love!

  1. Those are beautiful! One I love (and once embroidered on a pillow) is, “How much junk could a chic chick chuck if a chic chick could chuck junk?” (from Oprah :))

  2. I love this Jennet! Can’t wait to see what will be next in your Tuesday Love series.

    I have been working on an embroidered “smile breathe and go slowly” hoop forever. I should dig it out of my WIP basket and finish it FINALLY!

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