A Kitty Cat Themed 3rd Birthday

My son turns three this week, so we had his birthday party yesterday. He adores all things kitty cat so requested a kitty cat themed party. My mom loaned me some cat rubber stamps she has, so we could make some decorations. We made a cute bunting for the living room doorway, a smaller garland for the front door, random stamped kitties to hang around, and toppers for mini cupcakes.










For favors, I ordered these adorable chevron patterned crayon rolls from the Etsy shop MrsCraftyRVing which we filled with crayons and tied cat stickers and a stamped scallop circle to. I also printed out cat coloring pages for the kids to color with. Our super talented middle guy drew a birthday banner for our front door and also made the requested “Pin The Tail on the Kitty” game for his baby brother.






Then there was the birthday cake. Birthday Boy had to have a Kitty Cake, of course! Drum roll, please… here is the kitty cake I made! I have to say, I am really, really pleased with how it turned out. The cake itself is yellow cake (a rectangle sheet cake and a circle cake, cut into the body, limbs, tail, and ears). The frosting is my sister’s Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting recipe, some of which I dyed orange to do the stripes. The eyes are green M&Ms and the whiskers are pull apart Twizzlers (some special Easter basket variety). The nose is the slightly overcooked edge from cake scraps. (That dark corner worked out okay!)

The birthday boy received these super cute kitty cat dolls from his Nana and Grandpa, which go great with the furniture he also received for his treehouse.





Because we are a community service minded family and we all love cats, we included a note on the invitation that invited guests to bring a can or two of cat food, which we collected for our favorite local cat care group. We’re going to call them up and see when would be a good time for us to bring G to deliver the 27 cans of cat food our lovely guests brought! We thought it would be a great way to start him on the path of helping others.

3 thoughts on “A Kitty Cat Themed 3rd Birthday

  1. please be sure to continue to concentrate on your art, but i see potential for party planning as a side hustle, hon. 😉

    ‘n aren’t birthdays, especially early ones, really a celebration for the parents on the anniversary of welcoming into the world their lil ones? with that in mind, happy gabriel’s birthday to both you and caramel as well!

  2. It was such a lovely party, with so many of our friends and family there! They really showered their love on our little guy, for which we are really thankful. It is hard for me to believe he is already turning three, though.

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