Enjoying the Sunshine

DaffodilWe live in upstate New York, which means March usually has some coldish days, maybe a flurry here and there. Nope, not this year. It has been 78 the last three days and the ’60s before that. Leaves are springing up from previously bare tree branches, the birds have a full chorus going, and flowers are blooming. We’ve taken at least one walk a day (usually two) and keep breathing in the warm air as much as we can.

To take full advantage of this very early spring, today Gabriel and I started his nature journal.Nature Journal I found the cover as a free printable from Alice Cantrell’s blog. I printed it on brown cardstock (which has its own name but for the life of me, I cannot think what this particular type of paper is called!), then cut plain white paper for the pages, and stapled it all together. Then we headed outside!

Our first page of the journal is devoted to Gabriel’s drawing of the cheery daffodil that is in full bloom in our front yard. The extra neat thing about this daffodil is G helped plant the bulbs last fall that are now sprouting up in our yard. He used yellow and green crayons to recreate the flower and its leaves. He is definitely an abstract artist! It’s not about the finished picture, but about helping him observe nature. We had lots of fun, and I can’t wait to see what we fill the rest of the journal with! My intention is we do one for every season, then we can look back through them and compare (and have a cute keepsake of his toddler years).

Drawing Abstract Daffodil

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Sunshine

  1. I know you must be enjoying your walks. I live in New Hampshire and we also have unusually warm weather right now. It should return to normal by the weekend. Our daffodils are in full bloom and the forthysia has touches of green with yellow soon to follow. My orchard is usually in bloom on Mother’s Day…this year who can tell.

    • I know what you mean! Usually our tulips are gorgeous around Mother’s Day, but I suspect they will be at their peak in April. I just checked out your blog (LOVE your farmhouse and all the recipes you post, by the way!), and I saw you got hit with 14 inches of snow the beginning of March! I think 6 inches was the most we had at one time this year. It was highly unusual.

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