Works in Progress and Kid Projects

This week I started a number of projects that I still need to finish. I get so many ideas and I just want to jump in and do them all, so I start that new idea before I have finished the old. I do this often, so every two or three weeks I say to myself, “No new projects until you finish the old!” Then I buckle down and finish those things still undone. I just had one of those buckling down times about three weeks ago, and I can tell this weekend is going to start another. (Although I did finish the valances for All Good Bakers!)

Currently in progress are toddler/infant playmats and nap mats, owls (of the felt and cotton varieties), all new felt kitty and fox designs, items for a handmade swap I am in, and some embroidery. I need to finish the handmade swap items first!

Besides this, it has a been a fun week in toddler land.











We made goodies for my Gram’s birthday yesterday; made a super cute little play theatre for Dr. Who (and Captain Jack, the purple one. No, Gabriel doesn’t watch Torchwood, I named that one); made yummy cinnamon sugar biscuits; went on numerous walks; and lots of things I am forgetting. The play theatre was a free download from Sarah Jane Studios (scroll down on her page and you will find the link to the theater PDF). I cut out the Cheerios box and attached the Puppet Theatre front. Then we had to decorate the inside so Gabriel used two different colors of green paint to paint one piece of poster board and yellow & orange to paint another piece of board. Once that dried, we cut bush and tree shapes out of the green and clouds and a swirly sun (G’s idea) out of the orange (sorry, need to take a better picture of it finished). Then it was play time!







Here’s the yummy cinnamon biscuits we ate while waiting for the paint to dry. Just make regular biscuit dough (or use the refrigerated in a tube kind from the store), squash them down, brush with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, then bake. Super easy and super delicious. But we are a little addicted to cinnamon in my house.

I also mailed out the invitations to my sister’s bridal shower, which has a British Tea/Keep Calm & Marry On theme. She blogged about the invite, complete with pictures. I made a bunting for everyone, which was included in the invite, plus my sister saw a “Present a Date” idea on a wedding blog, so I included info and a card about that. She was really happy with them, which was just what I had hoped!

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