Gnomes and Doctor Who

I adore working with felt. I also adore miniature things, which means little wood gnomes with felt capes and pointy hats make me super happy. I have to admit I started these gnomes about a year ago (insert embarrassed look here), and finally finished them last night. It is not that they are hard or even time consuming, but I had numerous projects going when I started these, which all took priority over these little guys. Last night, though, I snagged these guys and finished three. I still have about ten more in progress ones to finish, but I think I should have those done this month. I gave the purple and blue ones to my Tot, who promptly fell in love with them. (Bonus: these wood shapes are finger puppets.) Favorite part of this whole gnome escapade? Having my son decide the blue one is Doctor Who. All on his own he decided this. My geeky heart did a little leap of joy, I confess. He runs around holding the blue gnome out and says “Hi! My name is Doctor Who!” Then he has the purple gnome say something back, to which Doctor Who says “I’m Doctor Who!!” and promptly runs away. It is a riot.

Red Gnome with Felt Mat and Mushroom

The red one is part of a set I am going to list in my shop, within the next day or two. The mushroom is made out of felt and is one of my new favorite things to make. I have three other mushrooms done, just waiting for mats and felt grass. And more gnomes to be done…

I also have some little hand painted acorns I am in love with, that I made a while ago but can’t figure out what to do with them. painted acorns

my happy kid with dr who gnome

Here is my happy kid playing with Doctor Who.  🙂

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