Embroidery: February Round-Up

Embroidered Felt Mug Ornament

I had this delusional dream of doing an embroidery a night, for every night of February. Not exactly possible, given the work I had to do for my graphic design clients, items for my Etsy shop, being a mom (to a not always early to bed toddler), etc. I did get a bunch done, even if it wasn’t as many as I had hoped. Besides the Super Hero Valentine ones (see here), I also did a bunch of embroidered felt mugs (both of the ornament variety and the wall art variety; I’m only posting one example of each here), an embroidery for a mini quilt I am working on (the tea bag), embroidered felt brooches, and a couple other random ones.

Here they are:

Love tea bag embroiderySuper Boy embroidery

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Sewing Machine

Embroidered Felt Wall ArtEmbroidered Felt BroochEmbroidered Felt Brooch
The mugs and brooches are my own original designs. The sewing machine pattern I got from Wild Olive and her free patterns. The lightning bolt super hero is a free pattern from So September called “Kindersquad.” The tea bag also started with a free pattern from Wild Olive.

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